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Recorded by Kevin Grindon GrindCity Recordings
Recorded at Rain City Recorders
Mastered by Stu McKillop
Guest Vocals by Christopher Jay Stiles
No Response Records 2014


released April 18, 2014



all rights reserved


DISWORSHIP Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Recipe for Vengeance

Without a body
Without a mind
Without a soul
For nothing at all

Take pieces of old westerns
Add alpha ego
And lots of violence

Blind willingness, add ages
Bitterness beat in entitlement, apathy.
Stew in darkness, add optional ignorance.
Track Name: Mowing the Lawn
(Purify by blood
Rule with fear)

Here come the sadists defending freedom
Foreign allies support lethal action
A systematic violent mechanism
Over the disputed territory dividing
Thru continued expansion of settlements
Every now and then mowing the lawn

With names like operation "Cast Lead"
Redefine new methods of aggression (Let go)
No denying your use of white phosphorus (Forgive)
Where's your mercy and compassion (Your blood)
Hell, its dead
Imperialism is like a cancer that spreads
It's a rhetoric that persists and ends in ashes (Let go)
As the world watches in silent repulsion (Forgive)
Kill that kid who threw the stone ( Our Blood )

Show us how this does not bend
Just show us how this does not bend
Just show us how this does not bend
Track Name: Crystal Spirit
So this is it, all there is
Behind the veil, sneak a peek
Just watch and learn
Please sit back and be complacent

Shifting gears, inside the mind
Compartmentalize fragments
Choose to live infected

We been
Re programmed
To deny
And reject
Self evident
Self destruct
Compromise the self
Paralyze the self
Until we all die.
Track Name: Born of the Grave
Born of the grave
We are one and the same
Born of the grave
There's no escape
Encased in rotting flesh
Little Timmy never stood a chance
In the end, drowning
He succumbed his body
To death
Track Name: Death In Absentia
They give it a name to justify
This shit you're dragging is messing
up a clean floor…

Eyes ahead, no questions,
see the answers, are always

Remember to buy, the lie has
never been easier or cheaper

Smile now, you are choking at
the hanging shadow in the background

Dying centre, this distraction
Tired, draining, disengaging

Martyr, sever, movements as
Instruments. Has taken us how far.

Tools, enabled, disassembled scrap
Yard, cells die, re assimilate

Is nothing sacred, left for dead.
A sick tiger is still a tiger.
Track Name: Bound by Omens
Guest vocal By Christopher Jay Stiles

Warm bones and the light draws upon
Subtleties I barely recall
Days spent shivering in the rain
My hope began to fade away
Everything natural and unnatural
Has been replaced by burning
The worst kind of fate
Is to suffer alone, until you are gone

Why keep waiting
It has to be done
Just do this now

You still live with me in the night
Downed power lines
Decrepit roads
Abandoned ruins
Empty Home